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[Fixed] Player Problems

Here was some problems with player @ Soundshiva.
We just fixed it.

You have to check your releases @ SS and re-save it if player still not appear correctly.
Thanks you for support.

SSS05: Substak — Techno Mood

Hey, we are happy to present our 5th netaudio mix.
Enjoy techno mood and HNY!

SSS05: 'Techno Mood' by Substak.

Featured netlabels

Dretion, Deepindub, Doppt Zykkler, Broque, Soluxion Records, Gleichtakt Records, Dast Net Recordings, Cicuta.

Genre: Techno.

SSS04: Anagramm — Planet Terror Vision

After short delay we are happy to present our new netaudio mix!

SSS04: 'Planet Terror Vision' by Anagramm / Planet Terror Records.

Featured netlabels

Wimbnet, BlocSonic, Planet Terror, Soulsection, Now What You Know, King Deluxe, Fresh y0!, Section27.

Genres: Emotional Electronic Music, Hip-hop, Experimental, IDM.

SSS03: Substak — Summer Flow

Hey, check out our fresh netaudio mix!

SSS03: 'Summer Flow' by Substak.

Featured netlabels

Ghostmental, basic_sounds, Deep-X Recordings, Bleepsequence, Symbiont-Music, Breathe, Cold Fiction Music.

Genres: deep techno, dub techno.

SoundShiva Sessions 02

Hey, tune in our second session!

SSS02: 'Doppt Mix' by Substak.

Featured netlabels

Gong Recs, Doppt Zykkler Netlabel, Krata Netlabel, Miniscule, Cicuta Netlabel & Dast Net Recordings.

Genres: deep techno, dub techno, detroit techno, techno.

SoundShiva Sessions 01

Hi guys!
We are launching 'SoundShiva Sessions' — series of mixes with music from different netlabels.
Check out issue one: 'Good Mood Mix' by Substak.

Featured netlabels

Supafeed, Repeat Beat, Prozent Music, This-side Music, DAST Net Recordings.

Style: deep tech, deep house.

Huge update

Hi guys! I dont wanna talk to much about time i spent to bring this update alive, most of key features was done many-many months ago @ development version of soundshiva.

Okay let me tell you what we have now:

1. Subscriptions

Every registered human now can subscribe any netlabel, music genre or artist on When release from netlabel/genre/artist you subscribed posted — you will receive SoundShiva :: Digest newsletter.

Big updates is coming

We are currently working on some new features
Stay tuned

[Fixed] Issue — parse

Yep, here is some bugs with parsing's stuff.
We will fix it fast as we can.


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