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Sep 28

SSS04: Anagramm — Planet Terror Vision

After short delay we are happy to present our new netaudio mix!

SSS04: 'Planet Terror Vision' by Anagramm / Planet Terror Records.

Featured netlabels

Wimbnet, BlocSonic, Planet Terror, Soulsection, Now What You Know, King Deluxe, Fresh y0!, Section27.

Genres: Emotional Electronic Music, Hip-hop, Experimental, IDM.


  1. Chris Cook - When I Could [Wombnet]
  2. Tha Silent Partner - Cats n Dogs [blocSonic]
  3. Robot Koch - Day Like this [Planet Terror]
  4. Jazzo & Melodiesinfonie - Am Meer [Soulsection]
  5. Anchortell - Plague [Not what You Know/Planet Terror]
  6. Fancy Mike - Ivy League Smack feat Damibeer [King Deluxe]
  7. Tobetozero - Gulf of Riga [Planet Terror]
  8. Godblesscomputers - Coconuts [Fresh yO!]
  9. Sk'p - Cotrol Clod [Planet Terror]
  10. Culprate - Mars [Dubsaw/Planet Terror]
  11. Bouwakanja - Alpha Bombe Sabotage [Section27]
  12. Nonima - Exostatic [Section 27]
  13. Ascetic - A Cube Slowly Revolving in Space [Planet Terror Records]
  14. Aaron Ximm - Idle hands [Unreleased] (available on Free Music Archive)

Contact us if you want record netaudio mix for SoundShiva Sessions.