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Bump Foot Logotype

Bump Foot

A versatile netlabel from Japan
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SHSK'H promotes acoustic studio recordings of Modern Classical music and World music through both vocal and instrumental works.
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No-Source is a netlabel dedicated to releasing great free music to a broader audience. We lean towards Indietronic / Folktronica / Mellow Experimental Pop / Toytronic / Chamber Pop / lo-fi Indie Folk / Instrumental / Acoustic stuff.
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Mixgalaxy Records

Russian multigenre netlabel which release diverse music from ambient and breaks to pop and hip-hop.

Миллиарды лет
by Чокнутый Пропеллер

Acoustic Folklore Punk

Acoustic is the New Punk
by Rotten

Punk Acoustic

Untitled Vol. 2 LP
by I Killed

Acoustic Ambient

Летающий Папа
by Ховбай Хвекмеев


Sin Titulo
by Bunik

Folklore Acoustic Punk

A las penas, puñaladas
by Bunik

Folklore Acoustic Punk

Early Nove
by (kelp)

Acoustic Electronic Dub

by Soni Sfardati

Improvisation Experimental Acoustic

by Violeta Päivänkakkara

Acoustic Melodic Vocals

The Solipsist EP
by Tunnel Rat

Indie Acoustic

Four Chords EP
by Harry Gump

Acoustic Punk Rock

by čopor

Drone Acoustic

Village Stories
by Mars Payne

Indie Acoustic Ambient

The Solipsist EP
by Tunnel Rat

Experimental Acoustic

by Nick Rivera

Acoustic Indie Rock

by Clara de Asís

Electronic Acoustic Experimental

Manipolazioni casuali della realtà
by Pioggia D'Ambra

Electronic Acoustic Experimental

Ukleti Holandez
by čopor

Acoustic Avant-garde

Northern lights
by Daniele Pasini Raffaele Pilia

Improvisation Acoustic

Tribute To Alexander Vertinsky
by Vlad Shegal