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Free Floating Music

Free Floating Music exists to release and promote serene, peaceful ambient music available for free download via Creative Commons non-commercial licenses.
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Rusted Sun

Dedication to the art as opposed to the artist, specializing in drone, atmospheric, and ambient soundscapes.
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Russian, Moscow-based netlabel specializing in deep, ambient and atmospheric drum & bass music.

by tay_ploops

Experimental Avant-garde Atmospheric

by EE7A

Ambient Experimental Atmospheric

by V.A.

Space Downtempo Atmospheric

by Stillborn Blues

Guitar Atmospheric Experimental

by Horiso

Atmospheric Improvisation Nu Jazz

Oír cosas nunca vistas
by V.A.

Space Atmospheric Cinematic

Do Zorzy
by poj.wlkp

Folklore Indie Rock Atmospheric

by getdizzzy

Space Soundscape Atmospheric

by V.A.

Atmospheric Dub Techno Dark Ambient

Milano (EP)
by Arte Sacra Atelier

Avant-garde Dark Ambient Atmospheric

Aroma (feat. nigul)
by Machete Oxidado & Atrio Serenade

Ambient Cinematic Atmospheric

The Path
by V.A.

Atmospheric Ambient Avant-garde

Thoughts Becoming (Other) Things
by Glenn Sogge / Boson Spin

Atmospheric Electronic Ambient

The Thread Of Atmosphere
by Maxim Kornyshev

Atmospheric Chillout Electronic

void files
by affaire difficile

Avant-garde Trip-Hop Atmospheric

Codex Internum
by V.A.

Space Atmospheric Cinematic

Waves of Change
by 4T Thieves

Ambient Atmospheric

Aether (EP)
by Lezet

Ambient Eclectic Atmospheric

The Wandering
by Ivan Black

Ambient Instrumental Atmospheric

by TwichGarden

IDM Electronic Atmospheric