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Sociopath Recordings Logotype

Sociopath Recordings

Sociopath Recordings is a worldwide electronica internet-label created in Taiwan, 2006. We focus on Breakcore / IDM /Chiptune / Jungle / Drum'n'Bass / Mutant Hardcore / and other Leftfield Electronica.
Brutal Attack Records Logotype

Brutal Attack Records

Brutal Attack Records is a Heavy Drum'n'Bass, Breakcore, dark Dubstep and experimental music label from Germany. It was founded in 2009.We present our tracks as 320kb/s mp3 high quality downloads.
Label Cuntroll  Logotype

Label Cuntroll

Cuntroll - international music label & promo group.
Night terror recordings Logotype

Night terror recordings

Night Terror Recordings is an Australian-based International Net-label specializing in hard and dark electronic mayhem!

The Future Is Not What It Used To Be
by Hansel

Indie Rock Breakcore Trip-Hop

Displaced And Altered
by The Schizoid

Breakcore Metal Industrial

The Cat Has Cometh!
by eww

Breakcore Electronic Experimental

by Metalogue

Electronic Breakcore Experimental

KRAFTWERK Sucks (NetlabelDay2016)
by 6128F

Industrial Breakcore Noise

Bad Acid Trip
by [Heartworm]

Breakcore Electronic Experimental

Selected Punishments
by Aleff

Breakcore Glitch Industrial

Cuntrollogy 2
by V.A.


One Of Us
by Frontcore

Breakcore Metal Hardcore

Texas is 4 Pussies!!!
by Briokids Vs. TLWT

Experimental Breakcore Jungle

The Gentle Balls of iCK00
by Ickoo

Experimental Breakcore Jungle

I Wanna Huff Mountain Fresh Glade 'Til I Can't Distinguish My Emotions
by Virus B-23

Experimental Breakcore Jungle

Straight Outta Brio
by Los Brios Niños

Breakcore Drum and Bass IDM

Fufu's From Da' Bulu
by Ickoo

Breakcore Drum and Bass Jungle

Self Destruction Is The Answer
by Trash

Breakcore Drum and Bass Experimental

All This Noise Shit Is Making Me Sick
by Ickoo

Breakcore Jungle Noise

Failure & Regret
by Briokids

Drum and Bass Breakcore IDM

A Breath of Fresh Air
by Briokids

Breakcore Drum and Bass IDM

Negative Ohms
by Ickoo

Breakcore Drum and Bass Trip-Hop

The Pussification of America
by Ickoo

Breakcore Drum and Bass Jungle