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Música Vermella

barcelona_berlin · .'_ electronic music & graphic artworks netlabel *
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A netlabel based in Jena, Germany with digital releases and a monthly podcast that aim to share our music and music that we love.
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Brutal Attack Records

Brutal Attack Records is a Heavy Drum'n'Bass, Breakcore, dark Dubstep and experimental music label from Germany. It was founded in 2009.We present our tracks as 320kb/s mp3 high quality downloads.
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Vekta Records

Vekta Records is a Dubstep/Future Garage oriented Internet Record Label which distributes ALL of its audio releases for free.

Hluboko Collective Gate 4

Dub Techno Dubstep Abstract

Urban soul ep
by D_smoker


Hidden Structures EP
by Roots Echo

Dubstep Experimental

Pagan & Urban
by Pavel Ambiont

Electronic Dub Dubstep

Long Experiment
by Vi-Fi

Noise Dubstep

Anchor Empire | ENN04
by Extend

Dubstep Breakbeat IDM

Change To Be The Same | ENN02
by Extend

Dubstep Breakbeat Electronic

Kunst Macht Frei
by IlKobra

Drum and Bass Dubstep

Contes Et Histoires Grésillantes
by Le Perche Oreille

IDM Drum and Bass Dubstep

by Supralist

Dubstep Bass

Ephedrina Dueanni SottoTerra VOL 2

Dubstep Dub Drum and Bass

Hard Hand
by Dozer

Electro Breakbeat Dubstep

Weird Science EP [NYB/EXT 001]
by Dj Seiss


Gangsta Paradise
by Batard Tronique

Breakbeat Dubstep Mash-up

Not So Popular (Album)
by Koolkilla & Strehm

Dub Dubstep Electro


Dub Experimental Dubstep

The Spoiler
by RMSS Systems Inc.

Dubstep Industrial

Insane EP
by Eugen 64 & Von Marschall


Instabile pt2 (when acting as a wave)

Dubstep Hip-Hop Metal

Misc Stuff
by Sonicall

Breakbeat Electro Dubstep