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Burning Cicada, Ltd. Logotype

Burning Cicada, Ltd.

Music easily speaks for, and takes on a life of its own which of course must be shared to have effect, relevance, and epiphany. Music of course can be made and never known, but for us it is wearing that face, looking up, and having others see us for who we are and the places we have known. Thank you for giving it relevance to your own life experience in the listening.
Fresh yO! Label Logotype

Fresh yO! Label

Fresh yO! Label, founded in 2010, is the brainchild of Suzywan (SE) and Simone Brillarelli (IT). We release FUN, FRESH, COOL and NICE music. Most of our catalog is free download but we also print cute 7 "vinyl. We are not focused on a genre because our motto is: ECLECTICISM.


Community & Independent Non Profit Record Label. Houses albums by contemporary independent artists from around the Universe. Recorded-Produced by traveler studio "CARACOLmusicalestudio"

Do Zorzy
by poj.wlkp

Folklore Indie Rock Atmospheric

The Landing Zone
by Ujjaya

Ambient Folklore

We Were Coalmine Canaries
by notforme!

Folklore Acoustic Indie

by Митрий Гранков

Avant-garde Folklore Acoustic

Russian Canon
by Fake Cats Project

Folklore Avant-garde Experimental

Krilin Split
by Cuarto / Indiosingracia

Acoustic Electronica Folklore

by Maltsev Anton

Rock Folklore

by Jurica Jelić

Acoustic Experimental Folklore

Give Love
by Red Trees

Acoustic Folklore Guitar

A Flor de Piel
by A Flor de Piel

Folklore Acoustic

Миллиарды лет
by Чокнутый Пропеллер

Acoustic Folklore Punk

Ivana Kupala Night
by Crossworlds

Folklore Downtempo Abstract

Sin Titulo
by Bunik

Folklore Acoustic Punk

A las penas, puñaladas
by Bunik

Folklore Acoustic Punk

Se separan
by Elías e Ignacio

Synth Pop Folklore

Alan Révolte / Harry Gump Split
by Various Artists

Folklore Acoustic Punk

Necrofiesta en Los Pajaros
by Karlitos Martel & Los Cadaveres Bohemios

Acoustic Folklore Punk

by McGuffin Electric

Acoustic Folklore

Eph_Estival Live DubSet

Dub Folklore Ambient

Fantasma (single)
by Pardo

Pop Alternative Folklore