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Rack & Ruin records

Rack & Ruin records was formed on April 1st 2008. Rack & Ruin, is a non-profit Netherlands based netlabel, which focuses on indiepop, electronica, ambient, and experimental or crossover music from around the world.
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90 out of 100 people who like frogs also like this netlabel. FACT!
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Copyleft Records

Copyleft Records features music by talented artists from all over the world. Everything from punk to folk to electronica can be found on our label.
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4-4-2 Music

4-4-2 Music skirts the perimeters of electronic, indi-pop and abstract stylings without any genre specific identity.

We Were Coalmine Canaries
by notforme!

Folklore Acoustic Indie

Pineral - EP -
by Nüman

Indie Pop Synth Pop

Somber city, twisted happy
by Dr. V & Voodoo Cabaret

Alternative Indie Eclectic

by Dr. Pipistrel Vodkula

Abstract Alternative Indie

The Beachtown Years Volume Two
by Cairo Braga

Indie Electronic Experimental

No Artist
by JoyDee&Tosh

Alternative Indie Chillout

by intouch

Indie Alternative

Songs To Mend The Heart Once Been Torn Apart
by Still Pluto

Rock Indie Metal

[onorezdiLP021] Radio (July 02, 2014)
by Various Artists

Hip-Hop Indie Melodic

Keep You Safe
by Fire to the Stars

Synth Pop Indie

Heaven In Your Mouth
by intouch


Confusione post-depressiva
by Emanuele Fais

Abstract Indie Experimental

[onorezdiLP017] Asteroid (February 21, 2014)
by I.Z. aka IDzeroNo

Hip-Hop Indie Melodic

Bitter Pill
by Still Pluto

Metal Alternative Indie

Unconscious Bliss
by Sans Nom

Indie Dance

[onorezdiLP016] Gain (Jan. 26. 2014) [REUP]
by I.Z. aka IDzeroNo

Hip-Hop Indie Melodic

[onorezdiLP015] The Specialist (Jan. 19. 2014)
by I.Z. aka IDzeroNo

Hip-Hop Indie Melodic

The Solipsist EP
by Tunnel Rat

Indie Acoustic

Village Stories
by Mars Payne

Indie Acoustic Ambient

[onorezdiLP014] See No Evil (Dec. 15 . 2013)
by I.Z. aka IDzeroNo

Hip-Hop Indie Melodic