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Sun Station Logotype

Sun Station

Sun Station exists to provide a solid new media platform for the development of electronic music talents in Russia and beyond.
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Digital Diamonds

Digital Diamonds is a free netlabel focusing on high quality electronic music. Featuring both - newcomers and well-known artists, Digital Diamonds offers deep techno and trance music with soul. The idea is to locate amazing music and make it available to a huge crowd, cost-free and legal.
Nostress Netlabel Logotype

Nostress Netlabel

Psychedelic | Space / Post Rock | Electronic / Electroacoustic

Peace Moments
by Francesco Lenzi

Psychedelic Experimental

by Stephen Briggs

Ambient Psychedelic

Hura Mayura
by Mammut Nel Caos

Psychedelic Electro Rock

Dark Side Of The Rainbow
by Dark Side Of The Rainbow

Ambient Psychedelic Guitar

Escape To Mars
by Lipstick

Electronica Psychedelic Synth Pop

by LSD

Trip-Hop Electronic Psychedelic

by Projekt Luty

Experimental Post Rock Psychedelic

Inspector Ganja
by Craig Blackmoore

Hip-Hop Psychedelic Avant-garde

Communicate with the Psilocybin (Shaman Edit in A=432Hz)
by Benevolence Messiah

Psychedelic Electronic Hip-Hop

Falcon 69 - Los Remixes 2.0
by Dan Lizard

Electronic Psychedelic Trip-Hop

by Thuoom

Experimental Electronic Psychedelic

Di Meo Culpae
by LSD

Abstract Psychedelic Electronica

Любовь С Одного Удара
by Longman

Rock Psychedelic Experimental

La Soluzione è a pagina 46

Drone Ambient Psychedelic

Morbus Sacer Vol.1: Ordo ab Chao
by Mammut Nel Caos

Psychedelic Electronic

Добро пожаловать в Москвич
by Pk jazz Collective & Ховбай Хвекмеев

Indie Rock Psychedelic Synth Pop

by Artem Bemba

Psychedelic Indie Rock Space

Harmony & Trees
by Francesco Lenzi

Psychedelic Ambient

Division By Zero
by Outsider Leisure

Experimental Psychedelic Electronica

Сны Митасова
by Outsider Leisure

Experimental Electronica Psychedelic