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D-TRASH Records

Probably the best Digital Hardcore label nowadays. Breakcore/Speedcore/Digital Hardcore/Noise/Dark Ambient/IDM. This label shows everything packed under a form of irreverence and mostly, anti-commercial feeling. All releases available online (something to admire in current times), and many of them are top quality stuff. Worth listening and supporting! Discogs.com User Comment
SmileCore Nation Logotype

SmileCore Nation

Poppy Hardcore and Pop Punk / Hardcore music.
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Nacion Libre

First and unique mexican punk-hardcore netlabel with bands around the world. Destroying Music Industry
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NKS International Muzakillabel

free music label & more since 1993 - hardbreakdrum grindpopunk darkelectronics weird dubgore & more

Dfxx EP
by Deftechnixks

Rock Noise Punk

Бивис и Баттхед, Батхёрт и Брокенхарт
by Povalishin Division

Rock Punk

by ННТКЗ30

Experimental Punk Ambient

Dog Days
by Dry Time

Rock Punk Alternative

Y Te Sacaran Los Ojos
by Guerra de Cerdos

Punk Hardcore Indie Rock

E o sentido da vida
by Irmã Talitha

Punk Hardcore Metal

Songs For A Tear Gas Sunset
by Louis Lingg and the Bombs

Punk Pop Synth Pop

Periferia SA Split
by Crise Total

Punk Hardcore

Diktadura Proletaria
by Lucha de Kontrarios


by Rejiem

Punk Hardcore Noise

The unlistenable dub project
by Emanuele Fais + Stefano Balice + Tommaso Busatto

Dub Punk Noise

Миллиарды лет
by Чокнутый Пропеллер

Acoustic Folklore Punk

by Break The Bans

Garage Punk

by High Times

Hardcore Punk

Where's Satan? (Re-edition 2014)
by Valery & The Greedies

Funk Dance Punk

Camino Hacia La Desaparición
by Wasones

Punk Rock Hardcore

by Sans Libertas

Punk Hardcore

by Verzet

Punk Hardcore Metal

Y su noche no tendra fin
by Parusia

Punk Hardcore Metal

Drunk Punks In Hermetic Rituals
by MÖ$Q

Techno Punk Noise