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Copyleft Records

Copyleft Records features music by talented artists from all over the world. Everything from punk to folk to electronica can be found on our label.
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Airbagpromo Rec.

Netlabel > South Tyrol/Italy. Our releases are for free. Enjoy (:
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tokyo trauma

This is a platform for those of my friends I consider as artists.
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pan y rosas discos

pan y rosas discos is a netlabel out of chicago that focuses on experimental, noise, improvisation and weirdo rock. we believe that music should be available to all people for free! all of the music that we put out is licensed under a creative commons attribution-noncommercial-no derivative works 3.0 unported license.

The Feel of DEFIL
by Various Artists

Alternative Rock

Polish Lutherie Guitars Compilation
by Various Artists

Rock Metal

The Feel of DEFIL 3
by Various Artists

Rock Alternative

The Eastern Block Guitars Compilation
by Various Artists

Rock Alternative

La Celebración
by Various Artists

Alternative Pop Rock

Gold Medal
by Various Artists

Alternative Pop Rock

The Winner's Journey
by Various Artists

Alternative Pop Rock

by Various Artists

Alternative Pop Rock

by Projekt Luty

Rock Experimental

Balearen Kanaren E.P.
by Jan Strach

Rock Synth Pop Experimental

Hura Mayura
by Mammut Nel Caos

Psychedelic Electro Rock

The Feel of DEFIL 2
by Various Artists


How Could You?
by T.H.U.G.S. (Treacherous Human Underdogs Going Social)


Dfxx EP
by Deftechnixks

Rock Noise Punk

Jan Pierwszy Starszy
by Jan Strach

Rock Experimental Synth Pop

Darkness Sweet Darkness
by Fryvolic Art

Rock Alternative Soundtrack

Любовь С Одного Удара
by Longman

Rock Psychedelic Experimental

EP 2016
by Jan Strach

Rock Experimental Eclectic

by Maltsev Anton

Rock Folklore

Бивис и Баттхед, Батхёрт и Брокенхарт
by Povalishin Division

Rock Punk