Synth Pop

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Scratching The Surface
by Redmann

Deep House Synth Pop

Balearen Kanaren E.P.
by Jan Strach

Rock Synth Pop Experimental

Can You Smell It
by Davis

Breakbeat Synth Pop

Ascending Souls LP
by Frau Holle

Electronica Synth Pop Chillout

Ascending Souls EP
by Frau Holle

Electronic Trance Synth Pop

Rosknrolmusis E.P.
by Jan Strach

Experimental Synth Pop Post Rock

Not Enough Booty
by James Bigbooty

Synth Pop

Escape To Mars
by Lipstick

Electronica Psychedelic Synth Pop

Cyborgs of California
by Creole Aeon

Synth Pop Electronica Abstract

Jan Pierwszy Starszy
by Jan Strach

Rock Experimental Synth Pop

Brisa Salvaje - EP -
by Hiroshima Dandys

Indietronica Synth Pop Melodic

by Pasaje a Bombay

Indie Pop Indietronica Synth Pop

Escenarios - EP -

Electronic Synth Pop Indie Pop

Las Ideas Negras
by Hiroshima Dandys

Indietronica Synth Pop Melodic

2014 EP
by Hiroshima Dandys

Indietronica Synth Pop Pop

Pineral - EP -
by Nüman

Indie Pop Synth Pop


Electronic Experimental Synth Pop

by Casco

Synth Pop Electronica Pop

Добро пожаловать в Москвич
by Pk jazz Collective & Ховбай Хвекмеев

Indie Rock Psychedelic Synth Pop

Trawiaste Miasto
by Jan Strach

Synth Pop Experimental Progressive