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Kermesse Records Logotype

Kermesse Records

DIY home/net record label from Argentina. Founded by Topi Reta in 2007. Experimental, Dark Ambient, Noise, Electronic, Drone.
GV Sound Logotype

GV Sound

GV Sound Netlabel [GV] is based on non-commercial distribution of Dark Ambient, Noise Ambient & Drone releases.
Textural Records Logotype

Textural Records

Drone, ambient, noise and other weird experimental musics


De Profundis is a netlabel run by the two members of No-xygen Manos F. and Thanos M. Founded in 2012 is focused on releasing dark ambient and experimental electronic music from all over the world.
Misspelled Records Logotype

Misspelled Records

Started in 2006. Misspelled is a platform for experimental sound artists to explore and share their ideas without limitations or boundaries.
Earthrid Logotype


Earthrid releases unusual electronic music, without pursuing any genre. It was established in 2001 to promote the work of selected artists and therefore has an infrequent release schedule.
Senile Dementia Production Logotype

Senile Dementia Production

Welcome to SenileDementia production! We release dark ambient, gothic, neoclassics, dark folk and noise music so feel free to send your demo if your music fits this description!
Enough Records Logotype

Enough Records

Enough Records is a Portuguese netlabel started in late 2001. We are not focused on a specific genre.
kopp netlabel Logotype

kopp netlabel

Kopp is a netlabel,dedicated to releasing dark ambient atmospheric and underground electronic musics.
Amduscias Records Logotype

Amduscias Records

Experimental/Dark Ambient/Industrial/Noise/Power Electronics