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earsheltering location — France
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About netlabel

Hello dear surfers, this is JM Charcot, let me introduce you the 3patttes' online section, it is called Earsheltering, and there you will find sounds of artists to download and also some artwork in the archive. A kind of DIY cd, kust the way you like, you can also keep it on your hard drive. Those are virtual releases, for a faster proliferation. have a nice audio experience, this is JM Charcot, still yours.

earsheltering releases

by Ear cancer


Sonic Sand Mandala
by David M. Paganin

Electronic Industrial Avant-garde

Mercurial Serpent
by Multiple Personality 3

Electronic Alternative Post Rock

Necktar 2017 volume 9
by Various Artists

Avant-garde Electronic Experimental

Pointless Orbits
by David M. Paganin

Electronic Experimental Dark Ambient

Les Anecdotes Polyedriques

Electronic Avant-garde Ambient