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Electron Emitter

Electron Emitter location — Lithuania
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About netlabel

Electron Emitter is promoting electronic music of various experimental styles and encouraging artists to create.


Our philosophy is to be free from predefined genres – we are encouraging new, unexpected ideas, mixing and blending existing genres and inventing new ones. That is why you will rarely see names of genres on our page. Instead, releases are divided into four distinctive fields for the convenience of listeners, so they can easily find similar releases to those they like.

The sound

We are the label of subtle and complex creative electronic music. It can be harsh pulsing noise, dreamy ambient soundscapes, positive relaxed dub or madness of beats. It can make your ears into dodecahedron or your mood as smooth as glass. But if it ignites a spark in your mind, then it is suitable here.

Electron Emitter releases

Lithuanian Metrica
by KiB

IDM Abstract Experimental

Drinkable Coolant
by Number Eleven

Electronic Experimental

perceived redness of an evening sky
by bolus

Ambient Electronic

by Nortas

Ambient Electronic

Quant Bunker
by Wolf Wrams

IDM Experimental Electronic

The Cat Has Cometh!
by eww

Breakcore Electronic Experimental

Dreams V
by the Picturesque Episodes

Ambient Soundscape Electronic

by Number Eleven

Electronic Experimental IDM

by KiB

Experimental Electronic Noise

by Wolf Wrams

IDM Electronic

confirm humanity
by bolus

Electronic IDM Experimental

by ref/inter

Abstract Experimental Ambient

Modular Telepathy
by Hypercube

Experimental IDM Abstract

Conservation Of Angular Momentum
by Ersha

Ambient Abstract Drone

by Sinage

Chiptune Electronic

I Follow
by eww

Ambient IDM Experimental

Generation of Power
by Deltahedron

Industrial Electronic IDM

Flying Bricks
by Number Eleven

IDM Electronic

by Noise Ladder

Noise Abstract Experimental

by Ministik

Techno IDM