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Section 27

Section 27 location — UK
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About netlabel

We cater to the sounds for the spaces inbetween.

The Archive:

Section 27 releases

[S27-100] SECTIONED v3.0 Compilation
by Various Artists

Electronica IDM Experimental

Partial Reflection of Visionary Sadness
by Auxillu

Experimental Glitch Classical

by Mitoma

Electronica IDM Experimental

by Nonima

Electronica IDM Glitch

by Missqulater

Electronica IDM Breakbeat

Blu Patterns
by Floating Spirits

Electronica IDM Dub Techno

Disorganized Complexity
by Herre Jorna

Electronic Minimal Glitch

by Reed Refucher

Electronica IDM Downtempo

Idios Kosmos
by theAudiologist

Electronica IDM Downtempo

Eyes Handcuffed
by Min-Y-Llan

Downtempo IDM Techno


Experimental IDM Minimal

Vaporous Weeks
by Dissolved

Downtempo IDM Industrial

by Nonima

Glitch IDM Industrial

by Altered:Carbon

Experimental Glitch IDM

Data EP
by Lunar

Glitch Hip-Hop Dark Ambient

Sectioned V2.0 - Compilation
by Various Artists

Electronica IDM Experimental