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SHSK'H location — New York
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About netlabel

The SHSK'H Netlabel was created in 2007 in New York by the musicians Jody Pou and Igor Ballereau with the purpose of promoting their work through exclusive recordings to be found on the site,

SHSK'H is also an audio-gallery of diverse music. We promote the work of other musicians by commissioning new pieces from composers and by producing personal recording projects by selected musicians of many different styles. These works, again, are exclusive to and are not distributed anywhere in disc format.

All music on is free. You do, however, have the opportunity to participate in the development of these projects by choosing to pay the sum of your choice for the works that you download, if you so desire. You will find the Contribute button under the Download Album tab for each Volume.
These funds will go exclusively toward new productions by the company and will help us continue to nourish this site.

SHSK'H releases

Made in Blue
by Jody Pou

Jazz Classical

SHSK'H Vol.07 - Kenneth Kirschner
by Kenneth Kirschner

Ambient Minimal Avant-garde

SHSK'H Vol.06 - Igor Ballereau #2
by Igor Ballereau

Avant-garde Minimal Acoustic

SHSK'H Vol.05 - Solo Viola d'Amore : Garth Knox
by Garth Knox

Instrumental Acoustic Eclectic

SHSK'H Vol.04 - Anton Webern : Jody Pou/Emily Manzo
by Anton Webern

Modern Classical Acoustic Vocals

SHSK'H Vol.03 - Kenneth Kirschner/Aaron Siegel/Igor Ballereau/Giuliano D'Angiolini
by Various Artists

Minimal Experimental Abstract

SHSK'H Vol.01 - Igor Ballereau
by Igor Ballereau

Avant-garde Minimal Acoustic

SHSK'H Vol.02 - Koto Kumiuta : Etsuko Chida
by Etsuko Chida

Acoustic Vocals Instrumental