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Temiong Recordings

Temiong Recordings location — Argentina
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About netlabel

Temiong Recordings born in Zárate (Buenos Aires / Argentina) as a proposal more in the music industry. He works primarily for the dissemination of the artists and their music. It works also as a traditional record label when it comes to produce and promote projects (such as albums). What makes it different with traditional seals is the free distribution of projects under Creative Commons licenses. It lies in the relentless pursuit of modern and antique sounds, either Techno, Dub & Experimental.

Temiong Recordings releases

Paint Loss
by Solef

Ambient Experimental

by Ayqix

Dub Techno

Pijchuy (The Versions)
by Ayqix

Dub Techno Ambient

Mutant (Remixes Edition)
by Substak

Dub Ambient

Awkish (Remixes Edition)
by Ayqix

Dub Techno Deep Ambient

Mutant EP
by Substak

Dub Techno Experimental

by Orson Throb

Dub Techno

We Leave At Dawn
by Pobedia

Dub Techno Ambient

Some Dub EP
by Matias Bagato

Dub Techno Ambient

Untitled EP
by Doyeq

Dub Techno Ambient

Pure Perception EP
by Dubmage Brain

Dub Reggae Experimental

by Ayqix

Dub Techno

I'm Lost
by Lemurat

Electronic Dub Abstract

by Jonatan Ovcharuc

Techno Dub Techno

Dark Portuguese Submarine
by Vitor Saguanza

Techno Deep House

by Bubbaloop

Minimal Experimental Ambient

by Matias Bagato

Minimal Experimental Ambient

by Ayqix

Dub Techno Deep House

by Ayqix

Dub Techno

Compilation Temiong
by Various Artists

Dub Techno Deep House Tech House