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Sergi Boal — Cercle Cover Art

— Cercle

Released 6 May 2013 (All day) on Acustronica / AT036

About 'Cercle'

“A transposition of the soul into sound waves” NetMusic Life

"Cercle" is my most spiritual project. the most introspective. In this little EP the music flows, the themes don't have any concrete structure, and maybe this gives the sensation of a visual dream, the sensation that you are floating, and you could create images, thoughts, sensations.... Not having a concrete structure, there's no beginning, no end ; it's like a circle! All the songs were recorded in one or two takes.only with a nylon guitar.
The music was almost improvised, except the theme "NILS" that was a rework of the pianist Nils Frahm, from one song of his album "Screws", trying to "move" the sounds of his personal piano, to the guitar..
I recorded this EP with Hector Xiqués ( I/O Estudi de Gravació, Barcelona),and we tried to give that especial sound of the guitar, with some delays, and reverbs.
Nuvol ( Cloud) Angel Blau ( blue angel) Cercle (circle) Nils ( rework of Nils Frahm Composition " LA" Sense tu...res... ( without you.....nothing)
please, sit down and dream.................

This is a joint release with Alchemistica netlabel

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