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Corty — Darkophonie Cover Art

— Darkophonie

Released 6 November 2013 on Angel Dust Records / adr-012

About 'Darkophonie'

This is the second release from French dubster, Corty. Based in Rennes, France, Corty has collaborated with some of the finest and most prolific dub artists across the world. On his first album for Angel Dust Records Corty collaborated with Revolushan, Solo Banton , Bongo Chilli , Leah Rosier & Preecha Kungo.

This second album for Angel Dust Records is a solo effort. The common point between the songs is the sound of bells and a “dark atmosphere”. The first part of Darkophonie were recorded during 2012, but have been added to with three more parts during late 2013. Corty admits there may even be a sequel, so watch this space!

Corty has been playing guitar since he was 9 years old. He started using music programs on his computer to create dub in 2003 and hasn’t stopped since. He started using Reason to create his compositions, and still uses it today.

He says: “I like the possibility of playing with different artist’s voices, by using samplers. I want to continue with these kind of collaborations with many artists. All vocals are welcome!” So, if you want to collaborate then why not drop him a line at Soundcloud!

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