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2ndMOUSE — Communique Cover Art

— Communique

Released 27 April 2014 on Section 27 / S27-129

About 'Communique'

This one is for the fans both old and new.... for anyone who has ever commented and expressed their confidence in my abilities. Every one of you are valued.

Special mentions [in no particular order]:

Adrian Teodor, Dave Allen, Ian Komosa, Martin Boulton, Andy Turner, Roel Funcken, Pat Murphy, Stephen McCauley, Herb Square, Cloxboy, Mikhail Bougie, Varin Marshall, Slobodan Stevic, Barry Forbes and last but not least , the lads at Section 27 Tam Ferrans / Andy Paterson for allowing me within 20ft of their roster =)
released 28 April 2014

On a personal note, I'd like to dedicate "Communique" to Harry McVeigh who sadly passed away in February 2014.

It was Harry who gave me my very first paid creative break when I was drawing pencil portraits, and he asked me to draw six 2 x 3ft portraits of snooker players for his snooker club.

Although I later went on to discover I could express myself much better through music than I ever could with pencils. Harry believed in me and I will never forget that gift of belief.

Thank you Harry. I hope your soul is at rest my friend.

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