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2Kutup & Delikbeyin — Susurrous EP Cover Art

— Susurrous EP

Released 17 February 2016 (All day) on eg0cide productions / Eg0_158

About 'Susurrous EP'

2Kutup (aka Pinar Akbay) and Delikbeyin (aka Ibrahim Bayram) are 2 experimental musicians from Turkey. In their split EP Susurrous they focus on deep and dark atmospheres. Ghostly drones, trembling winds, melancolic piano echoes and muffled slow beats – all these elements blend smoothly and form a perfect soundtrack for winter.

Pınar has been releasing under many aliases since 2009. She has released music under 2Kutup, Adviruz, Beyond Reclaim and Pınar (Pınar Akbay). She has released from several netlabels from Scotland, France and Italy. She first released on Scottish label Section27 as Adviruz in 2009. Her sound was dreamy IDM with vocals. She released her first ambient&drone album as 2Kutup from Spettro Records (Italy- She released “Hopes They Die” as Beyond Reclaim from Deep Lake Records in 2014. Her songs and remixes were included in compilation albums and Touched Music, as well. She also has a remix album as Pınar Akbay – “Spellbound Remixes”. Her songs were remixed by musicians from around the world. She keeps making music under Pınar, 2Kutup and Beyond Reclaim.

İbrahim has been working on Delikbeyin since 2006. He has worked on his music for a couple of years and then he released a split and an EP from Finland with a Finnish musician whose project is
called Nostromo 180286. One of the EPs were called “The Others” and the other one was called “Concluded”. The split was called “Reduced”. He worked with Terranean Recordings.

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