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Mosaik — Leandi Cover Art

— Leandi

Released 27 September 2009 (All day) on Soft Phase / SFP08

About 'Leandi'

Return to the cold north for the autumn time, this time presenting you a new EP from swedish Mosaik, for many people also known as Radix. While listening to these five tunes, one might get a wonderfully nostalgic feeling, as the music has slightly retro styled mood to it, where melodies are the heart of it all, truly faithful to his unique style. And while the surrounding sounds carries a modern edge, all this together makes you wish the atmosphere and the warmth from the songs would remain in the room long time after it has finished playing. Collaborating on this release, Nummelin on “Tickles” and closing the EP together with Planet Boelex on “Nanomies”. Here’s how the man himself describes the release:

“So, here it is. Leandi is my spring and summer of 2009. More specifically it’s my most sincere release in a very long time. It’s the result of looking at the creation process in a different light, without engaging in reasoning and just letting the music come as it may. Normally I would venture into more ambient landscapes and experimental sounds, but I wanted this release to be simple and open. Heavily inspired by childhood, fatherhood, watching my son grow up, play, communicate and learn the ways of the world.”

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