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Naono — Sleepy Pebbles Cover Art

— Sleepy Pebbles

Released 4 April 2010 (All day) on Archaic Horizon / AH038

About 'Sleepy Pebbles'

With an inward flow, Naono's 'Sleepy Pebbles' is a solitary ambient album focused on the inner self. It's lonesome yet comforting in its ability to convey a sense of familiarity through quiet and calming sounds.

Gradual shifts in pace and beats that whirl like the eddies of a current, 'Sleepy Pebbles' goes with the flow. Sonics are soft and smooth as if worn by time and the natural elements.

Naono forms atmospheres of blues and greys and invokes a hermetical sound that places the listener into a state comfort and inner unity.

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