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noise, experimental, electronic, pe,
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Biodata, Mérida, Venezuela. Open since 2001.
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pan y rosas discos

pan y rosas discos is a netlabel out of chicago that focuses on experimental, noise, improvisation and weirdo rock. we believe that music should be available to all people for free! all of the music that we put out is licensed under a creative commons attribution-noncommercial-no derivative works 3.0 unported license.
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Senile Dementia Production

Welcome to SenileDementia production! We release dark ambient, gothic, neoclassics, dark folk and noise music so feel free to send your demo if your music fits this description!

Dark Places Vol.1
by Natureworld1986

Noise Ambient Dark Ambient

Billions Of Cicadas
by BlipVert

Noise Electronic Experimental

Melting Clinamen
by Failure Circle

Experimental Noise Electronica

by M.A.K.T. Sono

Experimental Improvisation Noise


Noise Electronic

N-mode verc.1.0
by Mark Meino


by z(xW+yV)

Experimental Improvisation Noise

The shaman won’t come back
by Ayato & Kecap Tuyul

Experimental Soundscape Noise

Frozen Clinamen #2
by Failure Circle

Experimental Noise Minimal

by Half Evidence

Experimental Improvisation Noise

by KiB

Experimental Electronic Noise

Solo Duo Trio #2 : Laurent Di Biase, Sig Valax, ZARAZ WAM ZAGRAM, Camille Émaille, Nina Garcia & Arnaud Rivière (Live at Les Instants Chavirés, 29 may 2018)
by Various Artists

Experimental Improvisation Noise

Frozen Clinamen #1
by Failure Circle

Experimental Noise Minimal

by Unattributed

Experimental Drone Noise

A mistake within a mistake
by Failure Circle

Experimental Improvisation Noise

If you were a clarinet
by M.A.K.T. Sono

Experimental Improvisation Noise

La soufflette du squelette
by Kecap Tuyul

Experimental Improvisation Noise

Solo Duo Trio #1 : Failure Circle, Godjira, Ugut
by 'Various Artists

Experimental Improvisation Noise

Il silenzio non esiste
by Ultramerda

Hardcore Noise Future Garage

Angels to Zen
by Noisesculptor

Dark Ambient Noise