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Sonido Cuántico Logotype

Sonido Cuántico

Platform-oriented digital publication of experimental music, electronic alternative, sound art, alternative pop, indie and poetry. Santa Clara del Mar, Argentina.
Silent Flow Logotype

Silent Flow

Silent Flow Netlabel is an ambient, experimental, downtempo, soundscape, psychill label with free digital distribution. All releases are licensed under Creative Commons License
Jonic Noise Logotype

Jonic Noise

JONIC NOISE is a crew made by composers, performers. We propose a sound that is in between the dance rythms and the ambient or chill-out environments, that sometimes join other genres and ways by creating new experiences, like soundtracks and theatre sound design, experimental, pure industrial or electronic noisy music considered as peculiar sign-sound of the post-modernist imaginary.
Movimento Particellare Logotype

Movimento Particellare

Particellare Movement is a new way of seeing and listening to the sounds, images and words. Nothing changes, only the perspective is different and nothing it seems as before
Fresh Poulp Records Logotype

Fresh Poulp Records

French netlabel about Dub Music & Bass Music
Elephantbasslab Logotype


"Elephant Bass", where the passion and love for the good vibes is the only constant assured, from dub to jungle, from drum and bass to dubstep with a selections of producers as big web soundlab for share always positive vibes
Onorezdi Logotype


Onorezdi is a non-profit/profit net-label subdivision of Verezani Records. All releases are available through free downloads.
MAV [0kbps] Records Logotype

MAV [0kbps] Records

Vaporized aRT Movement's indipendent netlabel
Sucu Music Logotype

Sucu Music

Sucu Music deals with ambient, experimental music, electronic music, improvisation in all their possible incarnations, manifestations and hybridizations.
AFA Sound Machine Logotype

AFA Sound Machine

Amalgamated Futureless Artists.
Black Guy Music Logotype

Black Guy Music

Black Guy Music is a US based Netlabel, featuring mainly the works of DJ Black Guy A.K.A Guy Blackwell the 3rd,Blackatron ,Black Guy Music and Action Blackson
Yo! Netlabel Logotype

Yo! Netlabel

An italian non-profit netlabel, based in London.
Auricular Records Logotype

Auricular Records

San Francisco Bay Area netlabel focusing on ambient, experimental, soundart, glitch and electronic music.
Quantum Bit Netlabel Logotype

Quantum Bit Netlabel

Quantum Bit is an advanced electronic and experimental audio/video italian netlabel founded in 2006 by Jaeck the Bit & Warxx with the intent to distribute digital works totally free using the ubiquity of the Web.
mastik Logotype


Russian, Moscow-based netlabel specializing in deep, ambient and atmospheric drum & bass music.
Deep Lake Records Logotype

Deep Lake Records

2012 - Deep Lake Records born in Endine Gaiano (Italy), between lakes, mountains and discomfort. Currently DLR is based in Milan and releases stuff in digital and physical format. If you want release under DLR just contact ALL RELEASE ARE IN CREATIVE COMMONS BY.SA (ATTRIBUTION-SHARE ALIKE 3.0)
Subterranean Tide Logotype

Subterranean Tide

A new label focusing on the relationship between music and poetry. All releases are licensed under CC Commons and are available for free download.
Enshrine Logotype


Enshrine Music is new net and record label set up in February 2013. en·shrine: Preserve (a right, tradition, or idea) in a form that ensures it will be protected and respected.
Achnn Records Logotype

Achnn Records

It's the netlabel for achnn releases
Ekar records Logotype

Ekar records

Ekar is not an actual label. It's a sharing-platform that allows A.P.O and some few close friends to publish their works, music and artworks. Rythms and vibes from a non-metropolitan underground. The Ekar's philosophy is to spread free music towards the people who are interested to receive it, with no worries.